You are on your own



One thing that’s happened after I’ve become a PT – is that random people seem to think that I’m passionately interested in everyone’s health and training. Don’t get me wrong, I like to talk training – a lot. But preferably with people who actually train themselves in some form. We can talk reps and weight and sequence and post-recovery meals until the raptures. Let’s do it. But, I might not be to interested in why you haven’t trained this week. Or that someone you know has trained 6 times this week. Or about your friends weight loss. Or why you still haven’t trained. And why you haven’t trained at all this month come to think of it… and so on. If you are not my client, I’m not going to be at all interested in your excuses not to train. Those are your decisions. Own them. My approval or disapproval or whatever you are seeking doesn’t matter at all. You are an adult – train, don’t train, it really is up to you. Why you need to tell me, I don’t understand. I’m not some kind of supreme training controlling government agency that makes sure that if you haven’t trained – you have a really good excuse. I usually just smile and say “aha aha, ok, you don’t say” and leave it at that. Here is the thing though – I can’t help you. If that’s what you are seeking? Some magical words that’s going to make it ok, or that’s going to make you wanna train? There are no short cuts. That would be the biggest fitness myth of all time.¬†You and you alone need to get your ass off the sofa. I’m not going to be there after you come home from work and drag you to the gym, or roll you out of bed 45 minutes earlier in the morning. You need to find the motivation to do it by yourself. I can’t make you. I can’t make my clients do it either. It all starts with you. You are an adult, own your own decisions.


Sleeping beauty

Sleeping Beauty

I was supposed to attend training today. I had been looking forward to it. It was dubbed as the training of the year! Whooop whoop!

I overslept. Yes. Of course, since I haven’t overslept for anything in like… forever. Am I getting a wee bit to relaxed in my quest to get rid of all my perfectionism-anal-planning-control-freak-time-pessimistic-stressings?

I woke up when I had planned to leave. I was supposed to meet my team mates at our sponsors place and go together. Texted my sponsor letting her now they should leave without me. She said that they could wait a bit, giving me around 15 minutes extra. I thought things over. Still tired, still a bit sick (it’s mostly in my chest) and would have to do some serious running and stressing (and most likely some illegal driving) to be able to get there in time to not make us all late. I opted for the “continue to stay in bed”-option, relying on my team mates and sponsor to be able to take proper notes and just give me the highlights of the day anyway. I have now been sent to the store by me sponsor to buy groceries for our shake-party tonight.

I’m supposed to invite family and friends to this shake party. I don’t have much close family and a very small (occasionally non-existent) group of friends located in Adelaide. Hence I have been allowed to have my shake party (it’s kind of like a rite of passage within the company) with another team member. Like a pity shake party. It will be fun tough, so I’m not really to bothered by it. Because… I will seriously have no guests. People kind of went… “On a saturday? Starting at 8? And no alcohol? Hm… I’ll think about it…”